Who are we?

We are a consulting company focus on IT management and strategic governance. Loopback was created in 2015 and made up of IT professionals with extensive and long experience in different industries and countries. Our services are based on the convergence of IT/OT, ITIL, Agile, and the use of data analytics applications to develop in an active, fast and efficient management

What do we do?

We bring innovative and disruptive technology to connect with the business, helping our clients to achieve their business objectives without being complicated by intricate frameworks, generic methodologies, or models designed in different realities.

Why choose us?

We have proven experience advising organizations regarding how to create and manage their IT strategy and address governance issues by basing our value proposition on making their IT services strategy be: ​


Just as your business strategy is reviewed often, your IT strategy needs to be refreshed to respond to current times to be able to generate the expected value for your business (ROI).

In alignment

Your IT strategy has to be a complement to your business strategies, thus must be in alignment with the processes and needs of the areas and departments, and also with the training of your employees


Is not enough to meet experts or attend IT events, use fancy words, and hope that it will have a real impact on your business. Everything you decide about your IT strategy should be in writing and part of an orderly plan


Our services

We help organizations to adopt technology that supports their business objectives. Our methodology considers the alignment of the business with technology and processes.

They have trusted our professionals:




Interested in talking to us? Please write to us, we will respond as soon as possible






    Interested in talking to us? Please write to us, we will respond as soon as possible